Louisiana PoBoys Menu 5445 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503 | (337) 984-4191 3431 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA 70508 | (337) 456-8558 Mon & Tues: 11AM-5PM |  Wed-Fri: 11AM-8PM | Sat 11AM-3PM Closed on Sunday     Po Boys Fried  Shrimp -  (Lettuce, Tarter, Cocktail)  Catfish - (Lettuce, Tarter, Cocktail)  Oyster -(Lettuce, Tarter, Cocktail)  Crawfish - (Cajun Mayo, Lettuce)  Chicken - Whole:  (Cajun Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Honey Mustard)  Cajun Chicken - Whole:  (Cajun Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Honey Mustard) Grilled  Shrimp - (Cocktail Sauce, Lettuce)  Chicken -(Cajun Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Honey Mustard)  Sausage - (BBQ Sauce, Lettuce)  Roast Beef - (Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato)  Ham & Cheese - (Cajun Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato)  Turkey - (Cajun Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato)  Cajun Twist -  (Ham, Roast Beef, Cajun Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Pepperjack Cheese)  Muffuletta - (Ham, Turkey, Swiss, Olive Mix)  BBQ Beef - (Lettuce)  Hamburger - (Cajun Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle)  Louisiana Club - (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Bacon, Cajun Mayo, Pepperjack Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato) Cold  Veggie -  (Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Pickles, Jalapeno, Onion, Shredded Cheese, Cajun Mayo) Gumbo  Chicken & Sausage - Large: | Small: (served with rice) Specials  Lunch Special (Monday through Friday, 11am - 2pm) Half Po-Boy w/ Drink & Fries (or Chips) - Choose from Grilled Chicken, Roast Beef, Ham & Cheese, Turkey, or BBQ Beef  Homestyle Burger Special (Monday through Friday, 11am - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm) Burger, Fries or Chips and Drink   Combo Special Add Fries or Chips and a Drink to any Po Boy Platters All platters served with Fries, Hush puppies, and salad with choice of dressing  Seafood - (4 Fried Catfish, 4 Fried Shrimp, 4 Fried Oysters)  Fried Shrimp -  Fried Catfish -   Fried Oyster -   Fried Chicken -   Cajun Chicken -  Salads Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumbers and Shredded Cheese  Fried Shrimp - Grilled Shrimp - Fried Chicken - Grilled Chicken - Cajun Chicken -  Ham & Turkey -   Caesar -  (Romaine, Fresh Parmesan, Homemade Croutons)  Cheeseburger -   Dressings - Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Italian, Fat Free Italian, Thousand Island, French, Bleu Cheese Pasta Salads Tomato and Cucumber with Italian or Light Italian Dressing  Plain -   Grilled or Fried Shrimp - Grilled or Fried Chicken -  Cajun Chicken - Sides & Extras Sides  Garlic Bread:  Chips:   Fries: Cheese Fries: Chili Cheese Fries:  Onion Rings:  Cheese Sticks:   Hush Puppies:   Jalapeno Cheddars:  Extras  Wheat Bread:  Cheese:   Bacon:   Extra Salad Dressing:  Grilled Onions:   Olive Mix: Kid's Menu & Other Choices Kid's Menu  Ages 9 & Under Choice of Ham or Turkey Sandwich OR Chicken Tenders with Fries and a Drink -  Other Choices  Chili Dog -  (All Beef Weiner, Chili, Onions, Shredded Cheese)  Grilled Cheese  (American Cheese Grilled on Sliced White Bread)  Homestyle Burger -  (Cajun Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Onion on a regular Hamburger Bun)

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